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Composition for Media

If you need an original composition for your media like TV shows, radio jingles, film scores, commercial advertisements, video documentaries or video games...

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Do you have songs or compositions that need to be arranged in a different style, with a different instrumentation or do you need to add horns or strings sections, or to arrange for a full orchestra? It will be my pleasure to collaborate with you, in order to make a creative work together.

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You don't have charts of your piece and a concert is coming soon? I can transcribe for you in a leadsheet format or in a complete orchestral score and parts set.

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Do you need to extract parts from a score, create a computer version of your composition on Finale or Sibelius? Do you need someone proofreading your work for a mistake free work?

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Online Music Production Lesson via Skype!


With production lessons via screen sharing, you will get what you need to know in a fast and convenient way on all main DAW's:

Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Digital Performer, Reason...

Learn how to develop your songs and creations with modern tools: MIDI sequencing, audio editing, sound effects, sample libraries, plug-ins and mixing will be part of the learning experience. Based on computer music production, you will learn basic arranging techniques or more advanced one for rhythmic sections, horns, strings, or full orchestra.

Also learn how to use music notation software like Finale or Sibelius. Learn how to export your composition into Finale or Sibelius, in order to make a professional score or how to make mockups or demos of your orchestral compositions from your score.

Also Piano and Guitar Lessons!

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Some examples of my work are presented in the next menus: music, video, performance.